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Twitch Trainer

Produce Higher Clubhead Speeds

Twitch movement training will improve coordination, tempo, sequence, and release by focusing on conditioning the segments of the rotational sequence that produces maximal club head speed.

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"The Twitch Trainer is by far the best swing speed training aid I've ever used"

- Cameron McCormick

2015 PGA Teacher of the Year

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Twitch Trainer Impact Features

60-Day Training Regimen

Condition the body and swing connection with Twitch Movements - a 60 day progressive training regimen designed to reach and ingrain new, efficient, powerful patterns.

Dynamic Design

The Twitch Trainer's dynamic design allows for both resistance and speed training.

Levers and Impact Zone Air Resistance

Strengthen the big muscles with levers and impact zone air resistance. 

Air Resistance Removal

Remove the air resistance and allow for momentum and lag to accelerate the swing, producing greater speed at impact. 

Unique Movement Patterns

Train deceleration with unique movement patterns

Break Bad Habits - Rebuild Good Ones

A training aid that actually trains the body for lasting change. The Twitch Trainer will isolate the bad habits that exist within the rotational sequence, break them, engraining new efficient motor patterns in tempo, coordination and release. 




A few swings of the Twitch Trainer are all it takes to warm up and bomb it past your buddies. Plus, when you make this unique training program part of your routine your swing enjoys all the benefits. Designed for anybody at any level, this quick and easy regimen focuses on improving the coordination of your rotational sequence and developing the core drivers of distance - the fast twitch muscles in the lower body and torso.


PHASE 1 (Weeks 1 & 2) Perform all movements, sets, and reps in succession for 2 weeks at 2 - 3 training sessions per week




2 sets x 10 reps right and left.

The goal of this exercise is to program the connection between the pelvis and torso. Focus on core stretch on take-away and a full release full speed into the impact bag, bracing the core at the finish. Coming to an aggressive abrupt stop at the target will begin to program the deceleration patterns of the lead hip and torso maximizing the energy transfer linking the torso, to the hands, to the club.  

Gain access to 30+ more exercises for free!

Cameron McCormick

World-Renowned Coach & 2015 PGA Teacher of the Year

Cameron McCormick began coaching golf in his native Australia in 1998. Since then, he has risen to the highest ranks of his profession, elevating the play of all level golfers, thanks to principles of biomechanics, motor learning, and psychology honed under the tutelage of the Victorian Institute of Sport. Guiding longtime protege Jordan Spieth to multiple majors and a #1 world ranking, the 2015 PGA Coach of the Year has become one of the most sought-after coaches, with a past and present roster that includes more than 20 PGA and LPGA players, as well as four of the last seven USGA Junior Amateur Champions. The Golf Magazine Top-100 teacher is also a Class A PGA Member, the founder of Altus Performance, and serves as the Director of Instruction at the Trinity Forest Golf Club in Dallas, Texas.

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- Tim Brown -

"I went through the eight-week training program and even noticed an increase in club speed after the first week. It is a great training tool. I increased my club head speed by 5 to 7 mph and hitting the ball further makes golf more fun. Totally hooked on Twitch."

"As a veteran member of the PGA Tour I always keep my eyes open for new training ideas and devices. After performing just a few of the basic swing protocols I noticed an increase in my fluidity, pace, and an appreciable amount of swing speed. Where was this training aid when I was still competing."

- Terry Diehl -

"The Twitch Trainer provides an external source of feedback like no other. My young players who struggle with the sequence have found a connection to simplify the process becoming more efficient which at the end of the day is repeatable." 

- Joe Lusardi -

"I just finished my second workout with the Twitch Trainer. I have to say this may be the most effective tool I have ever tried. I really like how my body is forced to sequence correctly and stay connected! I also enjoy the drills contained in the training program provided. The squat swing feels so different from how I have been swinging, it's very athletic and very powerful."

- Chris 'The Hit Man' Ahman -

"I am an 80 year old Senior Golfer. During the last year, I had surgery on both shoulders. When I started to play golf again my handicap went up from 22 to 32. I got a Twitch Trainer and started on the golf swing and conditioning program. After several weeks, I became stronger and more flexible and my golf game and scores started to improve! My handicap has dropped from 32 to 24 and is continuing to trend downward! Playing golf and my other activities are fun again! Thank you Twitch Trainer Program!"

- Harlow Kehoe -

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