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The stand-alone feature produces 
a perfect view for precision club

head alignment from behind the ball

The highest Moment of Inertia in golf ensures perfect ball contact with the 3.75" sweet spot and directional accuracy with every putt

The EXcel's maximum stability design promotes a pendulum stroke, enabling your stroke size to determine 
the distance rather than a hit

What Golfers Like You Are Saying About The EXcel Putter

I must attest to the great design of these putters. The physics principles behind the weight and size of this putter is so simple, yet still relatively untouched in the golf industry.

The stand-up feature is perhaps my favorite. It takes all the doubt about aim out of the equation.

Art S.
Shawn F. (CEO Rain or Shine Golf)
Britton M. 

I just wanted to say how much I love the Excel Putter with the XL grip. This has and will forever change my putting.

William S. 

This has forever changed the way I putt. The fact

this putter stands upright by itself behind the 

ball ensures I am always lined up correctly, which is a huge plus.

Mike J. 

I think it has to do with the weight of the putter and the balance of the putter, but every time I get over the ball, I think it's going in. 

Matt L.

In all my years of teaching and playing golf professionally, this putter is the best I have ever come across and played with.

How The EXcel's Grip Makes the Difference

The EXcel Putter

Where Performance Meets Technology

The Excel Putter from Medicus Sports is the most accurate and forgiving putter in golf!