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  • Always pull cord into top of side locks and listen for the click sound to secure cord.

  • Do not stretch cord standing next to someone

  • Pull handles apart and keep your face and body away from rebound path.

  • Do not hold your breath while stretching with product.

*Consult a physician before starting any stretching or exercise program.

*Children must be supervised.

  • Squeeze handles as you pull them apart, stretching cord slowly.

  • Maximum stretch-length - 50% of un-stretched cord.

Instructions By: Tommy Royce 

(Individual results may vary)

1. Chest and Shoulders

Hold handles shoulder width apart. Expand chest gently forward and upward while pulling handles outward, with cord slowly pulling across your chest.


Repeat 2-4 times

2. Shoulders and Back

With arms extended in front of you, slowly raise both arms over your head. continue moving your arms back and out so that your shoulders rotate behind you while pushing chest outward and upward. Slowly return to the start position. 

Repeat 2 times

3. Lower Back and Legs

Place cord around your back bending at the hips, keeping knees slightly bent. Pull handles down towards ground slowly. Straighten knees slowly. Stop if you feel strain.

4. Trunk & Lats (Core Rotation)

Place cord around your back, place one handle next to your ribs, pull the other handle outward and upward across your chest.

Repeat on other side

5. Love Handles (Obliques)

Holding cord overhead, hands shoulder width apart, pull down slowly on one arm, continue to pull down while breathing gently until you feel a nice tightness in your ribs and hip muscles.

Repeat on other side.

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