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Matthew Wolff — How Good Is This Kid, How Good Will He Be?

Starts with that crazy move with his hips to the left.

Then, well, hang on, this gets really good.

His takeaway is nothing like anyone’s ever seen — Matthew Wolff’s club goes way out, then falls about four feet to the inside and suddenly, the plane it perfect, impact position is perfect and you get an incredibly solid strike on the golf ball that produces amazing results.

Forget Jim Furyk’s loop, Wolff’s Wave makes it look like a standard swing.

And get a load of that footwork — feet flying all over the place.

Suddenly we’ve got entertainment on the PGA Tour.  We like to marvel at some of the perfect golf swings out there but Matt Wolff?  This guy is pure throw-back.  For those who missed Lee Trevino and Raymond Floyd and yes, Miller Barber — The Amazing Mr. X — you now have Matt The Mavel — Wolff The Wonderful.

Wolff stunned everyone last Sunday at the 3M with the 26-foot eagle putt at the 72nd hole to edge his playing partner — Collin Morikawa and even more important — the scientific turtle of the PGA Tour — Bryson Slow-Mo DeChambeau.  To DeChambeau’s credit, he moved faster last Sunday, didn’t hold anyone up, was in position on the golf course, didn’t get any bad time warnings.  Count Bryson as one of the stunned — the look on his face when he heard the roar and was told of the eagle at 18 said it all.

Stunner man, stunner.  It sucks for you Bryson!

Anyway, back to the new kid on the block.

The John Deere Classic just got a whole lot more interesting and it needed help badly.  The field is devoid of names and Matt Wolff is suddenly the big name in Silvis at the TPC Deere Run.

Frustrated amateurs will flock to watch him.  Dig that move!  How does he get the club-face on the golf ball?  Look at those feet!  What’s with that pre-swing hip turn thingy-majiggy?

Yeah, just like that, it’s Wolff-mania.

He’s already being declared by some to be the next big thing on the PGA Tour.  The next Jordan Spieth?  Hardly, this kid hits it 30 by Spieth.

Fearless?  The moment at the 3M didn’t seem to phase Wolff one bit.

The kid putts pretty well too.

Face it, you can’t fake your way to a PGA Tour win and there was nothing fake about Wolff last Sunday.

He just went out and got the job done.

So now he’s a draw on the PGA Tour.  And why not?  Find us another swing like that one, one that works as well as that one.

Yeah, Matt Wolff’s coming to town.

They closed the circus — but hey, we’ve got Matt Wolff.

And for the John Deere Classics of the world — that’s great news.


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