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Longer Drives? You Better Start Stretching.

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Too many high-handicap amateurs, low and middle as well -- fall for the marketing departments of those big golf equipment companies.

Want longer drives? Makes the switch to (fill in the brand here, doesn't matter, whatever you prefer).

Those ads tell you their driver is the greatest thing since the interlocking grip and you're destined to pick up 10-15 yards the moment the clubface meets your golf ball.

Pure bunk!

If you want longer drives, you're going to have to start stretching for them.

Let's explain what guys like All-Pro, Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady already know. Brady has defied Father Time, at age 41, he keeps performing at an extraordinarily high level. Truth be known, Brady's pissed off the Patriots organization time and again by thumbing his nose at their training routines in favor of his own, which are designed and supervised by TB12. What the big "secret" is, is not a secret at all. It's all about what's called "pliability" as pertains to the muscles in the body.

Pliable muscles are softer, longer and more resilient: they help insulate the body against injury and accelerate post-injury recovery. When we're young, the muscles are "softer" and in that state, it's harder to get injured compared to the muscles of a 40 year-old.

Brady has abandoned the old weight-room strength programs in favor of resistance bands and other devices to lengthen the muscles.

Instead of using heavy weights, he uses elastic resistance bands and a whole host of vibrating apparatuses along with foam rollers and massage balls, and follows each workout with what is called "specific massages." That may sound fun, but the rubdowns are actually meant to keep his muscles long and soft.

Which brings us to the weekend golfers. Stand on the driving range and watch players swing the golf club. You'll see many who immediately come out of their posture the moment the club gets past waist high. This is because their lower back, hamstrings and other muscles are too "short" to allow them to maintain good posture throughout the golf swing.

Doesn't matter what driver they may use, their bodies simply aren't trained to support the club during the backswing and they certainly cannot produce speed through the hitting area.

Which brings us back to pliability and flexibility. They're not the same but you need both in order to perform your best.

So start a regular stretching routine. Check out the resistance bands as well. Get a foam roller. You'll be shocked at how it can help your lower back. It's also about time and consistency. You're not going to become flexible and pliable overnight.

Just like all facets of the golf game, taking care of your body and preparing it to perform takes time and effort.

So don't go out and buy that new driver and expect to increase your distance off the tee.

Get flexible. Get pliable.

Works for Tom Brady.

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